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Verstappen guards against Leclerc: 'We didn't have the pace'

Verstappen guards against Leclerc: 'We didn't have the pace'

27 May - 11:46 Last update: 14:20


Max Verstappen won the Grands Prix in Imola, Miami and Barcelona, putting the Dutchman in a good mood. The reigning world champion guards against underestimation, however, and stated at the press conference to Formule1.nl that it remains exciting.

After two convincing races in Italy and Miami, Verstappen had a more difficult time last weekend. Leclerc started the Spanish race from pole position and seemed to be on his way to victory, but due to engine problems, he had to abandon the GP.

Verstappen keeps a keen eye on Leclerc

It gave Verstappen the opportunity to take first place and not relinquish it, putting him on top in the world championship. With a lead of six points, Verstappen is not counting himself rich for the time being, as he knows that Ferrari also has a powerful car.

"You need some luck for it," Verstappen admitted honestly to the journalists present. "The GP in Spain was very hectic, we didn't have the pace over one lap. In the race, Charles seemed to drive away before I went through the gravel trap. We are tackling it race by race." According to Verstappen, in Monaco, it is also difficult to say how his team is doing because it is a special circuit.

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