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Weather forecast | Rain and thunderstorms during the Monaco Grand Prix
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Weather forecast | Rain and thunderstorms during the Monaco Grand Prix

27 May - 06:37 Last update: 08:51


The weather forecast for this weekend could make for a spectacular Monaco Grand Prix. According to Weather.com rain and thunderstorms should be expected on Sunday during the race.

The Monaco GP is just around the corner, which is always a special event for the teams and drivers. The whole weekend in the Principality is already special and the racing in the streets of the city is even more so. The drivers need to build their weekend carefully because their confidence can take a big hit from a crash.

Rain in Monaco

In that respect, it is nice for the drivers that they can have a somewhat calm start in Monaco. On Friday, according to the website, the maximum temperature will be 27 degrees and the chance of rain is only five percent. It is mostly cloudy, but at least it stays dry. On Saturday it is mostly sunny and 26 degrees. The chance of rain is then seven percent.

Sunday, however, could be stormy in Monaco. Rain and thunderstorms are now predicted for the day of the race, with a 75 percent chance of rain. In 2022 we also had a rain race in Imola that was won by Max Verstappen. In Monaco, every mistake is normally punished, but in the rain, the chance of a safety car is very high.

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