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Marko saw equivalent Verstappen and Leclerc: 'Very close'

Marko saw equivalent Verstappen and Leclerc: 'Very close'

25 May - 15:16 Last update: 16:19


Helmut Marko was very satisfied with Red Bull Racing after the Spanish Grand Prix. For the third time in a row, Max Verstappen managed to take the victory, thus taking the lead in the world championship. At the same time, the Red Bull advisor knows all too well that the formation is still far from there.

While Charles Leclerc took pole position in Spain on Saturday afternoon, engine problems threw a spanner in the works for him. The Monegasque was forced to retire and Verstappen suddenly had the chance to thwart his rival. With his victory, he grabbed the maximum number of points he could.

Verstappen and Leclerc were evenly matched

Although Marko is happy with the victory, he would have been curious to see how Leclerc and Verstappen would have related to each other throughout the race. Leclerc may have seemed to be fast on his way to victory, but according to Marko, Verstappen could have caught him back during the course of the race.

"I think it would have been very close between those two. Maybe the three pit stops against their planned two pit stops would have worked," Marko stated in an interview with ORF. "I think the cars would have been very close." Next weekend, the next GP awaits in Monaco.

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