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Ferrari warned: 'In Monaco there are its own laws'

Ferrari warned: 'In Monaco there are its own laws'

25 May - 13:54 Last update: 14:45


The Formula One teams have another race weekend ahead of them in a few days after last weekend's sweltering Spanish Grand Prix. For Ferrari, it is a moment to revenge themselves after their disappointing results in Barcelona. Philipp Eng expects Ferrari to come out strong.

The Italian racing stable saw Charles Leclerc drop out last weekend with engine problems, while Carlos Sainz grabbed next to the podium with a fourth place. Ferrari, however, seems to be keeping a relaxed attitude for the time being.

Last season did prove that Ferrari can do well at Monaco, but that the details are very important. "Ferrari always has it right in qualifying. Red Bull is very good and Mercedes has been catching up strongly," Eng's analysis at ServusTV reads. "In Monaco, there are also laws of their own. You can't try everything on the first lap. I hope for Charles that he can get rid of his curse a bit."

Mercedes gets compliments for updates

The Austrian racing driver was impressed with the improvements at Mercedes in Spain. Eng saw that Lewis Hamilton and George Russell were significantly closer to the competition, although Mercedes still seems to have some steps to take to fight for the victories again.

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