F1 commentator on Verstappen: 'His temper still has relatively short fuse

F1 commentator on Verstappen: 'His temper still has relatively short fuse"

23 May - 20:33 Last update: 21:04

In Spain, Max Verstappen grabbed his 24th victory in Formula 1, as many as five-time World Champion Juan Manuel Fangio. Martin Brundle argued that it was not the Red Bull Racing driver's finest, but at the same time he thinks it was a good performance by the Dutchman.

With a broken rear wing, a visit to the gravel in Turn 4 and being passed twice by teammate Sergio Perez, Brundle doesn't think Verstappen's victory will be in any of the top lists.

Verstappen with short fuse

What the former Formula One driver further noticed about Verstappen's race are two things. "He's rather fed up with a catalogue of reliability issue (...) his temper still has a relatively short fuse, as we saw for example in the brake testing of Hamilton in Saudi Arabia last year," the F1 commentator said on the website of employer Sky Sports.

Verstappen and Russell fought a spirited duel at the Barcelona circuit. "I happened across the race stewards on Sunday evening and they were of the same opinion that George was pushing the boundaries but not breaking the rules." That same opinion was shared by Verstappen and Russell, as was said by both in Sunday' s post-race press conference.

Verstappen leaves Russell even

In the fight, Russell was given space by Verstappen, something the latter had certainly not done last year, according to Brundle: "Once again Max was very clean and fair in this enduring battle, more so than when he was against Hamilton last year, which is more fitting of a champion. But of course the championship is not up for grabs yet," he warned.

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