Glock: Red Bull must come up with evidence first

Glock: "Red Bull must come up with evidence first"

23 May - 19:34 Last update: 20:27

Former Formula 1 driver Timo Glock has once again written a column for the German branch of Sky after the Spanish Grand Prix. The resurrection of Mercedes is discussed, but also the 'green RB18' of Aston Martin.

Mercedes had a very difficult start to the season, but the German racing stable seems to be getting better by the week. The first signs of recovery were already visible in the second free practice in Miami, but then Toto Wolff's team was not able to continue the line. On the Barcelona circuit the W13 really impressed for the first time in a long time.

Qualifying could be better, race good

Lewis Hamilton had to close the gap at the back after a collision with Kevin Magnussen, but in the end he still managed to finish fifth. Without problems with the water pressure it would even have been fourth place. In terms of race pace, according to Hamilton the speed of Mercedes was equivalent to Red Bull Racing.

Still, according to Glock, Mercedes should not think they are there yet. He points to the qualification. There they still came several tenths short. "Therefore, in my experience Mercedes is not yet on the same level as Red Bull and Ferrari, but they have at least come a little closer. Since the slow corners seem to suit the Mercedeses well, maybe in Monaco we will already see three teams fighting at the front. But Mercedes needs to keep coming up with improved packages to connect."

Aston Martin vs. Red Bull Racing

On the Friday of the GP weekend in Spain, it became clear that the B-spec of the AMR22 (Aston Martin) is particularly similar to the RB18. Red Bull claimed that data has been downloaded from their computers. Possibly, according to them, this data was used by Aston Martin in the construction of their new car. However, the FIA concluded after investigation that Aston Martin did nothing illegal.

Glock, however, thinks that the last word on this has not yet been spoken. "Red Bull has to come up with evidence first. This is also a matter for the FIA to clarify everything. This topic will certainly remain topical in the next races," said the German.

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