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Jos Verstappen: Red Bull has solved it insanely well

Jos Verstappen: "Red Bull has solved it insanely well"

23 May - 15:33 Last update: 19:35


Red Bull Racing can count on nothing but praise from the father of the race winner in Spain. Jos Verstappen saw his son Max Verstappen win the GP of Spain despite DRS problems with insanely good help from his team.

The reigning World Champion did not have a flawless race in Spain, besides a driver error at Turn 4 the Dutchman also had problems with his RB18. Verstappen drove around the problems with the help of his team and managed to win the race. The fact that his title rival Charles Leclerc retired with engine trouble helped. Verstappen senior is in his column on Verstappen.com dwells on the excellent work of Red Bull Racing

Praise for Red Bull Racing

"I do have to say that I think Red Bull solved it insanely well. The strategy was turned around. The choice to let Max drive on the softest tire for the second time - in the third stint - gave him the chance to push." The team made sure Verstappen was no longer stuck behind George Russell. Because of the team's strategic initiative, Verstappen ended up not meeting the Briton again on the track. Just before he would get back on the straight behind the Mercedes driver, Russell went in for his new tyres.

Jos Verstappen understood his son's frustration, which was clearly audible over the on-board radio between the driver and the engineer. According to father Verstappen there is little wrong with expressing your dissatisfaction: "He asks the utmost from the team, but the other way around is also the case. That's why they are so successful together."

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