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Formula 1 slams 'unacceptable' traffic chaos after Spanish GP

Formula 1 slams 'unacceptable' traffic chaos after Spanish GP

23 May - 12:32 Last update: 14:45


Formula One has urged the organisers of the Spanish Grand Prix to solve the "unacceptable" traffic problems that arose after the race.

The Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya announced that it was sold out, having endured two COVID-19 years with a limited number of spectators. In 2022, no fewer than 300,000 people would have traveled to the circuit, but the venue did not seem prepared for that.

Many complaints about the organisation of the GP in Spain

There were very long queues at various facilities, which many fans complained about on social media. Several people were reported to have become unwell due to limited access to water facilities.

Even greater was the chaos in traffic, both on the road and on public transport. Complaints on Twitter reported, among other things, that people had to wait for hours to catch a train, and there were long traffic jams on the road.

After the race, Formula One issued a statement calling the problems "unacceptable". The statement was shared during Sky Sports' broadcast. "The huge number of fans at this event both inside and outside the circuit created traffic issues for the fans," the statement reads. "We have made the promoter aware that this is not acceptable and must be fixed for next season."

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