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Wolff annoyed: 'You don't try to overtake in that spot'

Wolff annoyed: 'You don't try to overtake in that spot'

22 May - 17:23


Toto Wolff has nothing but praise for Lewis Hamilton after the Spanish Grand Prix. After the incident with Kevin Magnussen, the British driver suggested to give up, but then drove a race in which he thought his W13 was no longer capable of.

Wolff annoyed about Magnussen

Wolff even went as far as to suggest that Hamilton could have fought for the win if he had not been nudged by Magnussen at the start. The Austrian is therefore not impressed with the Haas driver, even though the FIA considered it a racing incident.

"Turn four is just not a corner where you try to overtake outside," Wolff complained to Germany's Sky Sports. He is therefore of the opinion that Magnussen should not have interfered with Hamilton. "It wasn't his race. The Mercedes was clearly faster than the Haas today," he grumbles.

Wolff: 'Hamilton struggled with water leak'

Towards the end of the race Hamilton also suffered a technical problem, which forced him to step back. According to Wolff the cause was a water leak. Russell also had some problems. He suffered from an overheated car, but lost less speed than his teammate.

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