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Perez swallows away disappointment: 'I'm happy for the team'

Perez swallows away disappointment: 'I'm happy for the team'

22 May - 16:13


Perhaps Sergio Perez should have been the rightful winner of the Spanish Grand Prix, but the proportions at Red Bull seem clear after the Barcelona race. The Mexican had to let his teammate Max Verstappen pass him, but the other way around did not. Still, Perez is happy for the team.

Perez happy with good result Red Bull

Red Bull Racing scored the maximum number of points in Spain. A double victory and the fastest lap by Perez. With the retirement of Charles Leclerc and a fourth place for Carlos Sainz Red Bull took the lead in both championships from Ferrari. Verstappen now leads by six points over Leclerc. Among the constructors, Red Bull has a lead of no less than 26 points.

Perez is reminded after the race that he could have won the race and the Mexican is clearly disappointed. Yet there is no off-hand word from the Red Bull driver. "I think it was close but at the end it is a great team result and I am happy with that."

Relations Verstappen and Perez clear

There are several moments in the race when Verstappen and Perez are behind each other, but the team handles them in different ways. "We went on different tyre strategies and I let Max by in the beginning, but then I thought I could go by and not lose crucial seconds to make my strategy work. But anyway... it is a team result."

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