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Red Bull replaces parts of DRS Verstappen after problems in qualifying

Red Bull replaces parts of DRS Verstappen after problems in qualifying

22 May - 12:54 Last update: 13:11


Following Max Verstappen's problems in qualifying, Red Bull Racing has replaced a number of parts on the Dutchman's rear wing ahead of the Spanish Grand Prix. Normally, teams are not allowed to replace any part under the Parc Ferme regulations, but as long as the part being replaced is identical, these types of repairs are allowed. 

So on Verstappen's car, two parts around the DRS have been replaced, namely the DRS Actuator and the DRS flap pivot pins. Other than that, there are no major changes that teams have had to make. Alpine has replaced Alonso's entire engine, which means he will start from the back, and it is notable that Haas has also replaced DRS parts.

Haas with DRS problems too

Kevin Magnussen seemed to have similar problems as the Dutchman with his DRS in qualifying. At the moment he wanted to open the DRS, it didn't happen and so you lose valuable time on the straight. Therefore he replaced the DRS Actuator and started the race expecting that his DRS would work as it should.

In the Parade Lap in which the drivers drive a lap around the track to wave to the fans, Verstappen still spoke out about his DRS not doing what he expected in qualifying. He hoped that Red Bull could solve all the problems quickly, as they have a car that generally goes better in the race.

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