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Marko offers surprising support to Hamilton: 'They go too far'

Marko offers surprising support to Hamilton: 'They go too far'

20 May - 16:25


Helmut Marko has spoken up for Lewis Hamilton. The Briton has been told by the FIA to take off/off his piercings and jewelry, but Marko thinks it's ridiculous that this has become such an important discussion.

Hamilton still has a medical exemption for the Spanish Grand Prix to race with some piercings that cannot be removed, but as of the Monaco GP, they too must be gone. If not, the race commission wants to intervene. Surprisingly, Hamilton is getting support from Marko in this discussion.

Hamilton supported by Marko

''I think they are going too far. This should be a personal decision of the driver. As long as Hamilton has been driving in F1, as long as he has been wearing all this jewelry. Why did they suddenly come up with this issue,'' the Red Bull top executive wonders to Germany's RTL.

''I think we have enough other things to worry about. We have to accept and respect the individuality of each driver.'' Asked if Marko supports the Brit, he is therefore clear. ''Yes, I do and that's my honest opinion,'' the Austrian concludes.

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