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Verstappen: I really hope it can be like that for the rest of the season
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Verstappen: "I really hope it can be like that for the rest of the season"

20 May - 06:42 Last update: 08:47


It has been mentioned many times by the Red Bull camp: there seems to be more mutual respect between current title rivals Red Bull Racing and Ferrari, than was the case with Mercedes in 2021. For Max Verstappen, it doesn't matter much, as he says he enjoys both battles equally.

When Formula1.com asked him to describe the differences between racing against Charles Leclerc and racing against Lewis Hamilton, the Dutchman replied that he actually enjoys experiencing those differences.

Verstappen notes differences between F1 teams

"I really enjoyed the battles last year, and I do as well this year. It's just different teams and I think that's good for Formula 1," he says. He also notes the difference in mentality of Italian, English and German teams. "I think that's the nice thing of F1 as well."

As for the battle with Ferrari, he hopes it continues. "I really hope it can be like that for the rest of the season," said the world champion, who stressed that it would be good for Formula 1 to have Ferrari back at the top.

Verstappen is also upbeat about his own team's chances: where Ferrari team boss Mattia Binotto suggested that Red Bull might soon be at the budget ceiling, emphasised Verstappen that there is "still enough in the tank.

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