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Sainz: 'I don't need expert advice to know it's going to be tough'

Sainz: 'I don't need expert advice to know it's going to be tough'

19 May - 20:56 Last update: 19 May - 20:56


Carlos Sainz is concerned about the possible health effects of the latest generation of Formula One cars. He fears that drivers may have to pay a high price for the new design of the cars in the long run, particularly due to the ongoing problems with porpoising.

Earlier, George Russell indicated that he was struggling with back pain after porpoising reared its vicious head again at the Emilia-Romagna Grand Prix in Imola. Apart from Mercedes, Ferrari is also still suffering from the problem.

Sainz wants to talk to FIA about health

Sainz is also experiencing physical problems since driving the new F1-75 and believes the issue should be discussed at a regulatory level. "We need to consider how much of a toll a driver should be paying for his back and his health in a Formula One career," says the Spaniard according to ESPN.

During checks for his back and neck, according to the Ferrari driver, it was found that they are much less flexible compared to last year. "I don't need expert advice to know that ten years like this is going to be tough," he continued.

Sainz, therefore, wonders to what extent the possible physical consequences outweigh the 'show' for which the new generation of F1 cars was created. He believes the FIA should talk to drivers struggling with the same problems to see what can be done about it.

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