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What are Mercedes' chances in Spain? 'Outsiders'

What are Mercedes' chances in Spain? 'Outsiders'

19 May - 15:07 Last update: 15:15


Mercedes is hoping to take a big step forward with the car's performance this coming weekend at the Spanish Grand Prix. Although the German racing stable is eager to compete again with the top of the driver field, Samarth Kanal does not think that Lewis Hamilton or George Russell will appear on the podium any time soon. He writes this for Formula1.com.

Whereas in past years Mercedes were the top team in Formula 1, this season the situation is somewhat different. Among other things, Mercedes are suffering from porpoising and therefore cannot compete with Ferrari and Red Bull Racing, who are both fighting for the podium places.

Confidence in Mercedes is low for now

However, the race weekend in Spain could turn everything upside down. Almost all teams come to Barcelona with updates to the car, with which they expect to gain several tenths per lap over the competition. Mercedes also has these hopes, so that it can get closer to its two competitors.

"Despite their prowess in Barcelona, Mercedes are very much outsiders this weekend," the analysis reads. "New parts could thrust the Silver Arrows into the fold, but they are far from favourites to finish in the top three."

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