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Mercedes sees no solution to weight problem: Nothing more we can do

Mercedes sees no solution to weight problem: "Nothing more we can do"

18 May - 18:42 Last update: 20:53


Mercedes' problems and Lewis Hamilton's disappointing performance in the first five races of 2022 came in for a lot of criticism from the team. According to Toto Wolff, this is just "noise" and he cannot take the criticism seriously.

Almost all Formula One cars are overweight and have the greatest difficulty in getting their cars lighter. Even Ferrari, whose F1-75 is not among the heaviest cars, is trying to save on paint weight.

For Mercedes, however, that is no longer a possibility, according to Toto Wolff in conversation with OE24. "We already have the lightest paint, there is nothing more we can do," the Mercedes team boss observes.

Wolff on criticism of Hamilton

Amid the disappointing performance of the W13, the difference between George Russell and Lewis Hamilton is striking. Russell has a 23-point lead over his teammate, which earned the latter criticism from Jacques Villeneuve and others. How does the team boss deal with those critical expressions?

"I hardly follow it and if I catch one or two comments, I can only smile about it", the Austrian replies. That there would be internal unrest within the team is not based on anything, according to Wolff. "Those are side noises created by the press," said the team boss.

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