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'Ferrari is stable and still doesn't lose performance'

'Ferrari is stable and still doesn't lose performance'

18 May - 12:15 Last update: 14:32


The new Formula 1 rules in place this season are shaking up the motorsport class quite a bit. Not only does it cause shifts within the racing teams, but almost all of them had to deal with problems with porpoising. While Aston Martin has still not solved the phenomenon, Ferrari has.

During the preseason, the Italian team managed to make changes to the car at lightning speed which had a positive effect. As a result after five races, Ferrari is still fighting with Red Bull Racing for the world title.

Green looks at Ferrari with admiration

At Aston Martin, it's a different story. The team hoped to compete in the subtop of the driver field but is currently in the lower regions. Moreover, the team does not seem to be able to come up with any major solutions quickly, which means that a difficult season for the racing team is looming. Technical director Andrew Green also sees this.

"Aerodynamic stability is the main goal in view of the bounce. As soon as the car swings too much, you lose lap time," he states in conversation with Auto, Motor und Sport. "The Ferrari is stable and still doesn't lose performance. That's the power. You can make any car stable. In most cases you will go slower."

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