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Verstappen challenged: 'He wouldn't be unbeatable in that'

Verstappen challenged: 'He wouldn't be unbeatable in that'

17-05-2022 15:54 Last update: 15:56


Max Verstappen is also one of the best performing drivers within Formula 1 this season. Jean-Eric Vergne, therefore, does not expect that he would stand a chance when competing against the Dutchman in the motorsport class but thinks that in Formula E it is a different story.

The Frenchman drove for Toro Rosso for three seasons between 2012 and 2014. That just didn't turn out to be a great success, causing him to leave Formula 1. In the meantime, he is enjoying himself in Formula E and is able to compete extremely well with his fellow drivers.

Vergne challenges Verstappen for Formula E

Vergne notes that there are many similarities between the two sports, but also sees major differences. He, therefore, thinks that Verstappen would have a lot of trouble beating him if he were to get into a Formula E car, the French driver told Speedweek.com.

"Honestly, I wouldn't beat him in Formula 1. He is at the top of his game," Vergne stressed. "But he wouldn't be unbeatable in Formula E. I would bet on that." In early June, the Formula E season resumes with an E-Prix at Jakarta, after which the drivers travel to New York.

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