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Vettel gets offered test: top team from Formula E makes car available

Vettel gets offered test: top team from Formula E makes car available

17 May - 14:46 Last update: 15:55


Sebastian Vettel has been offered a test by the DS Automobiles Formula E team. The German driver has been increasingly committed to environmental improvements lately, and the electric motorsport class has noticed.

Disappointing performance at Aston Martin

Vettel's future is far from certain at Aston Martin. The AMR22 has been very disappointing this season, allowing Vettel to accumulate only four points after five Grands Prix (of which he drove only three due to an infection with the coronavirus).

At the same time, Vettel is committed to improving the environment. For example, he came to Miami wearing a special helmet that read, 'Miami GP 2060, first GP under water.' The disappointing performance and interest in the environment have been noticed by the Formula E team DS Automobiles.

Vettel gets new invitation

"Sebastian is very interested in environmental protection and has climate change in mind, just like we do in Formula E," says Thomas Chevaucher, team boss of DS Automobiles, in conversation to F1insider.com. He continues by saying that DS is happy to give Vettel a chance to drive a CO2-neutral race car.

DS is one of the biggest Formula E teams and already has four titles and fourteen victories under its belt. For Vettel, by the way, this is not the first test he has been offered. In fact, Bobby and Graham Rahal already invited Vettel to test an IndyCar at Road America.

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