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Hamilton: 'I'm so grateful to Mercedes for how hard they work'

Hamilton: 'I'm so grateful to Mercedes for how hard they work'

17 May - 08:54 Last update: 09:29


Mercedes is in a dip after winning the championship eight years in a row. The team just can't seem to get it together again to fight for victories with Red Bull Racing and Ferrari. Lewis Hamilton gives his team a helping hand.

Hamilton speaks motivatingly to team

Hamilton was in a tough battle with Max Verstappen for the title last year, but can't even really fight for a podium in the 2022 W13. His new teammate George Russell has also performed stronger than the seven-time world champion in the first five races. Hamilton remains a top athlete and is showing mental resilience. Indeed, the Mercedes driver speaks motivatingly to his team on social media.

"There is nothing more rewarding than people coming together to face challenges, beat problems and achieve something great. My team works hard and I am so grateful for the hours they put in to get us back to that greatness. We will keep going! If you also face certain challenges, know that I believe in you the same way I believe in my team."

Key moment in Barcelona for Mercedes

During the upcoming GP weekend in Spain, Mercedes hopes to become wiser about the problems with the W13. The team goes into the weekend hoping to make a good comparison between the state of affairs during the winter tests and the current state of affairs. It still doesn't seem out of the question that the team will have to adopt a whole new concept to overcome the problems.

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