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'2022 cars reveal difference between Sainz and Leclerc'

'2022 cars reveal difference between Sainz and Leclerc'

17 May - 08:25 Last update: 09:29


Of the Ferrari drivers, Charles Leclerc is currently the better one. The Monegasque tops the standings and has almost twice as many points as teammate Carlos Sainz. Former F1 driver Shinji Nakano points out an important difference in driving style between the drivers.

With the new 2022 cars, it has become a lot harder to maintain control of the car in low-speed corners. Ferrari may be the team that has the best control of these low-speed corners, but there are still challenges in steering for Leclerc and Sainz as well. The Japaneseman sees that the characteristics of the new cars highlight the difference in driving style of the two Ferrari drivers.

Sainz is traditional, Leclerc experimental

Nakano says on As-web.jp: "Leclerc and Sainz use different techniques to stabilize their car in the slow corners. Leclerc uses an overlap between brake and gas. This can sometimes turn out right and sometimes wrong. With this technique you press the trottle just when the car gets a bit 'nervous'. This is not good for fuel consumption or for your brakes, for example, but can be useful in some situations."

"Sainz, on the other hand, is a lot more traditional," Nakano continued. The Spaniard, on the contrary, does not use his brake and trottle at the same time. According to the Japanese, the type of circuit can make a lot of difference for the two Ferrari drivers. The driving style of one suits the other better and vice versa. "The technique that Leclerc applies is advantageous on circuits where Ferrari is not strong in the corners," he said. So in Spain, where Ferrari is expected to be good in the corners, Sainz may have a better starting point than his teammate in front of his home crowd.

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