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Serious test in Spain: 'Barcelona was historically such a circuit'

Serious test in Spain: 'Barcelona was historically such a circuit'

16 May - 18:48 Last update: 22:27


Formula 1 teams are gearing up for a race weekend in Spain. While expectations are high among the race teams, Chris Medland openly wonders how great the excitement at the Grand Prix will actually be.

The Barcelona GP has been on the program for decades. During the last five races, it was Lewis Hamilton who prevailed each time, but that does not seem to be the case this season. Max Verstappen and Charles Leclerc are the favorites for victory.

Serious test for Formula 1 in Barcelona

However, Medland reminds Formula 1 fans that the race in Barcelona does not usually guarantee a lot of overtaking. The formations have often gathered such a lot of information that they can get the maximum out of their cars, the journalist at Formula1.com. This makes it difficult for the competition to gain a place.

"So far this season, we have seen lots of thrilling racing throughout the field, but Barcelona was historically a circuit where overtaking has been particularly difficult," Medland stressed. "That’s because all of the data teams have from testing give them a clearer set-up direction, ensuring they are more likely to be getting the maximum performance out of their respective cars."

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