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Haas puts pressure on Schumacher: 'The points have to come'

Haas puts pressure on Schumacher: 'The points have to come'

16 May - 16:34 Last update: 21:58


Mick Schumacher has not yet secured any points for his team during the first five Grands Prix of the season. Although Guenther Steiner is patient with the German for the time being, it appears in an interview with RTL Deutschland that the team boss still expects something from Schumacher.

The driver has shown in the past that he has a good level of performance, but his time in Formula 1 has not yet brought him success. His teammate Kevin Magnussen, however, has been performing well all season and shows that Haas' current car is indeed good enough for the points.

Steiner had hoped that Schumacher would have been further along and could have achieved the same performance as Magnussen. "It would have been nice if Mick's button had been flipped, unfortunately he hasn't hit that hurdle yet," the team boss told the interview. "The points have to come at some point. Kevin has already scored points. He has shown the way."

Schumacher criticized Steiner

Ralf Schumacher stated last week that he felt that Steiner and Schumacher simply did not fit together. The former Formula One driver felt that this was one of the reasons why the partnership is not yet successful and stated that Magnussen and Steiner are a better fit for each other.

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