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Does Sainz take victory in Spain? 'His home fans will be dreaming of it'

Does Sainz take victory in Spain? 'His home fans will be dreaming of it'

16 May - 14:23 Last update: 15:37


Carlos Sainz has a real chance of taking a victory in his home country for the first time in his career at next weekend's Barcelona Grand Prix. According to Chris Medland, it is completely understandable that his fans have high expectations, he writes for Formula1.com.

Whereas his teammate Charles Leclerc is still the leader of the world championship, Sainz's performance has been mixed for now. The Spaniard had three podium finishes, but also saw his race ended early twice. 

In his career, which started at Toro Rosso at the same time as Max Verstappen in 2015, Sainz has still not managed to win a race. The driver therefore seems keen to get the most out of his car this weekend, in order to make his home fans happy.

Sainz hopes to take victory

Medland sees the Spanish fans hoping for a good result: "Leclerc has taken the two wins and three pole positions for Ferrari so far this year, but Sainz has been on the podium in every race he has finished, and come close to securing his first ever pole on three occasions. So it’s perfectly understandable that his home fans will be dreaming of his maiden victory coming."

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