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Miami sticks to May and creates big gap between US GPs

Miami sticks to May and creates big gap between US GPs

16 May - 10:13 Last update: 12:40


The Miami Grand Prix will remain on the Formula One calendar in May for the next few years. Where calls for more efficient scheduling are growing, the three American GPs will remain far apart.

The first Grand Prix in Miami was a great success. The entire weekend offered plenty of spectacle and over the weekend over 242 thousand people came to the track. With the Miami tennis tournament between March and April and the opening of the NFL season for the Miami Dolphins in September, the GP will not be moving dates anytime soon.

Miami in May

In conversation with Autosport.com Tom Garfinkel of the Miami organization let it be known that the race will remain around this date (early May). Possibly a week earlier or a week later, but because of all the other events at the Hard Rock Stadium, there is not much to shift for the organization.

This leaves the American races far apart on the calendar. The second race in America in Austin, Texas, has been on the F1 calendar toward the end of the year for years and will be held October 23 this year. The new Grand Prix in Las Vegas will be on the calendar in November 2023. F1 teams hoping that the calendar will be more efficiently laid out with races in close proximity to each other on the calendar can throw those hopes in the dustbin.

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