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Perez on extreme training: 'I almost broke my neck'

Perez on extreme training: 'I almost broke my neck'

15 May - 19:55 Last update: 15 May - 19:55


For a mere mortal, driving a Formula 1 car is impossible. Especially the G-forces that the drivers have to deal with make that quite a lot of training hours are needed to race over 300 kilometres in F1.

Developed neck muscles

The drivers have rock-solid fitness, but also highly developed neck muscles. To get those, tough training is needed. A lot of force is put on the neck. Not just once, but over a more extended period of time.

Sergio Perez is also undergoing this unique training. That the intensity of training can vary, the Mexican experienced when he switched from Racing Point to Red Bull Racing. While watching a video of a neck exercise, Perez looks back with a journalist from the American ESPN looking back at his first training sessions with the Austrian team.

A lot of pain

"We go into a lot of pain," Perez said. "I nearly broke my neck. It was my first time with Red Bull doing this kind of test. I went to the maximum, not knowing what to expect. You put so much force into the neck when you are not ready."

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