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'Entry of Volkswagen makes return of German Grand Prix real'

'Entry of Volkswagen makes return of German Grand Prix real'

15 May - 19:19 Last update: 15 May - 19:19


For years the German Grand Prix was a regular host of Formula 1. After Hockenheim did not renew its contract with Formula 1, the Nürbürgring was allowed to hold one more race during the pandemic. But since then, Germany has been missing from the calendar.

F1 crazy country

Once upon a time, Germany was a country crazy about Formula 1. Of course, the Germans had Michael Schumacher and Sebastian Vettel, drivers who competed for the world title. Schumacher, of course, is no longer around, and Vettel is driving around in the middle ground. Mick Schumacher, too, is not able to attract millions of fans for the time being.

Still, there is hope for a German Grand Prix, reports Motorsport.nextgen-car. Volkswagen's entrance could be just the push that will put Hockenheim and the Nürburgring back on the calendar starting in 2026. Stefano Domenicali, Formula One's CEO, says VW's arrival could be "very important for Germany to get back on the calendar'.

Pressure on Formula 1

Hockenheim boss Jorn Teske agrees. "I do believe that the pressure on Formula 1 will increase and that there will be a regular race in Germany again," he says. "The new manufacturers are very important for Formula 1 and their word has a lot of weight." Nürburgring spokesman Alexander Gerhard adds: "We are still open to bringing Formula 1 back to the Nürburgring."

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