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Former Red Bull chief mechanic explains arrow-fast pit stops

Former Red Bull chief mechanic explains arrow-fast pit stops

15 May - 09:40 Last update: 10:21


Red Bull Racing has been rock solid in doing pit stops in recent years. The Austrian racing team sometimes manages to be a few tenths faster than the competition, which Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez benefit from a lot during the season. Kenny Handkammer explains on the YouTube channel from Peter Windsor how this is possible.

As Red Bull's chief mechanic for many years, Handkammer witnessed how the formation worked and was very impressed. According to Handkammer, Red Bull worked hard to make the processes within the team so logical that each individual started working faster and faster, thereby improving pit stop times.

"I think we just created more robust procedures," Handkammer explains in the video. "Everybody knew exactly what tot do. I think we just concentrated on their core jobs that they need to do. It's then just practice you know."

Horner won't say anything about Porsche

Red Bull is also working hard in other areas to keep improving its performance. Among other things, team boss Christian Horner is reportedly working on a partnership with Porsche, which should take place from 2026. For the time being, however, the Brit keeps his lips sealed.

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