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Steiner honest: 'I wouldn't say that Mick has made a big step'

Steiner honest: 'I wouldn't say that Mick has made a big step'

15 May - 07:51 Last update: 10:20


Mick Schumacher has seemingly struggled to keep up with the rest of the driver field again this season. He still hasn't managed to score any points for his team, while at the last Grand Prix in Miami he was involved in a crash with Sebastian Vettel. Guenther Steiner therefore knows he has to do better.

The Haas team boss has been around Formula 1 for many years and therefore knows what the sport demands from drivers. As Kevin Magnussen has done an excellent job since his return, bringing in fifteen points so far, Steiner also sees that a lot is possible with the current car.

Steiner gives Schumacher the time of day

However, Schumacher seems to need longer to improve his performance and become a reliable driver for his team. In conversation with Speedweek.com Steiner assures that he will give that time to the talent, hoping to pay it off in the future.

"I wouldn't say that Mick has made a big step over the winter," Steiner notes honestly. "But he knows that and he also has a good chance to get his first points. I hope he gets those to his name sooner rather than later, because we want him to score points as well. He is becoming more mature."

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