Leclerc analyzes: 'A question I asked myself when I was younger'

14-05-2022 15:05 | Updated: 14-05-2022 16:09
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Leclerc analyzes: 'A question I asked myself when I was younger'

Charles Leclerc and Max Verstappen have at least one thing in common: both drivers come from the karting world. The Monegasque saw a lot of drivers get stranded in the sport, although he saw well which ones were up to the Formula 1 world. He tells this in conversation with

"It’s a question that I asked myself when I was younger," Leclerc stated in the interview. "How many of us will one day be in Formula 1? The many names that I thought about are now in Formula 1 – most of them here."

Verstappen looks at the subject differently. The Dutchman believes that the qualities needed in karting are not necessarily of added value in Formula 1. According to him, it, therefore, does not have to mean that a good karter will also be able to perform strongly in Formula 1.

Leclerc and Verstappen compete together

Both drivers are in full battle this season to win the world championship. Verstappen emphasized in an interview earlier this week that despite his world title, he is still motivated to get the most out of his season. He would therefore be only too happy to beat Leclerc.

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