Hamilton over his top? "As soon as you weaken, it goes really fast".

14-05-2022 13:33 | Updated: 14-05-2022 14:51
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Hamilton over his top? As soon as you weaken, it goes really fast.

Lewis Hamilton is only in sixth place in the championship after five races in 2022. His Mercedes is not yet cooperating optimally, but his young teammate George Russell has already scored 23 points more than the Briton. According to Jacky Ickx, Hamilton may well be past his prime.

Hamilton already over his top?

Ickx wonders if Hamilton is past his prime, as the age of the seven-time world champion is also starting to count. The Belgian sees that the Mercedes driver is losing out to the Verstappen generation, consisting of drivers such as Max Verstappen, Charles Leclerc, Lando Norris and Russell. Speaking to Rick Winkelman of the Ziggo Race Café, the former F1 driver says, "Age is incredibly important in racing. You can't beat a Verstappen, Leclerc or Norris if you are already over your top."

Ickx warns Hamilton that weakening is a lot faster than growing: "Once you weaken, it's very fast. Much harder than the rate at which you grow." Ickx does not yet dare say with full confidence whether Hamilton is actually over his top: "What is important is that he still wants to fight. He will definitely win some more races, but he doesn't have the time on his side."

Perhaps too late for Mercedes

Although Mercedes has it in them as a team to return to the top and fight Ferrari and Red Bull Racing, it may already be too late this season. Even if the W13 is strong enough to win races with, it will also be a challenge for Hamilton to beat his teammate. Team boss Toto Wolff is more than happy with his driver pair, but there is also criticism from the outside about how Mercedes is handling Hamilton.

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