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Verstappen with first title in his pocket: 'I want to try to win more'

Verstappen with first title in his pocket: 'I want to try to win more'

14-05-2022 11:20 Last update: 11:51


With his first F1 world title in his pocket, Max Verstappen has achieved his goal in the highest class of motorsport. The Dutchman emphasizes that this does not make him any less motivated.

Max Verstappen won his third GP of the year in Miami, closing his gap on Charles Leclerc. For the Dutchman, after his title in 2021, it is not enough. The Red Bull Racing driver is fighting hard against his Ferrari rival to take the second title in a row. In practice, the "new goals" Verstappen has set after winning his first title are not very different from the goals he had before his first title.

New goals Verstappen after first title

Before the Miami GP, Verstappen spoke to CNN: "FIt has nothing to do with confidence or because I'm world champion now I finally feel like I belong here or whatever, "For me, that doesn't matter. I'm just back and I want to try and win more. I've said before that by winning a championship my goal in F1 is achieved. Everything after that is a bonus."

Verstappen says he has not lost his motivation for racing. The Limburger believes that there is no time for "celebrations here and there" yet: "My motivation itself is bigger now to come back and achieve that feeling again."

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