What new Formula 1 races can we expect?

13-05-2022 20:34 | Updated: 13-05-2022 21:20
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What new Formula 1 races can we expect?

Formula One teams faced an entirely new circuit with the Miami Grand Prix. After the motorsports organisation previously announced that the Las Vegas GP will be there in 2023, it seems that more announcements are taking place this year. What can we expect?

South African GP

At the end of last year it was already revealed that Formula 1 is in talks with the organizers of the South African GP to return with the sport. Whereas the race took place annually in the African country until 1993, Formula 1 then decided to give preference to other circuits. However, the continent is still the only place that does not host an annual Formula One race, making it likely that South Africa will return to the calendar.

Several racing teams reacted very positively to the possibility in recent weeks. McLaren CEO Zak Brown, for example, let it be known that he would consider it a nice gesture if Formula 1 were to travel to South Africa again. For now, however, there is no white smoke.

German GP

Germany also seems to want to focus on a return of Formula 1. For years the race in the country was a great success, but during the corona pandemic the GP disappeared from the calendar. With the current success the sport is experiencing, the circuit's organizers think a race in Germany would be a good fit again.

Formula One journalist Joe Saward previously confirmed that the German GP is a viable option. The motorsport class may have a wide choice with several interested circuits, but a race at the Hockenheimring seems to be appealing to the organization.

Malaysian GP

Behind the scenes, the Malaysian GP also continues to resonate. In 2017, the organization decided not to host a race from the new calendar year because it was not profitable enough. However, with the new enthusiasm that has arisen around Formula 1, it seems that it will be possible to go for a GP again in the future.

The organization around the circuit previously let it be known that it did not rule out the possibility of seeing a Formula 1 race at the track again in the future, but because of the corona pandemic, it did not feel it was right to spend money unnecessarily. Now that the crisis is easing, the race seems to be among the options again.

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