Hamilton and Vettel tackled by team boss: 'Then you just don't race'

13-05-2022 10:08 | Updated: 13-05-2022 11:15
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Hamilton and Vettel tackled by team boss: 'Then you just don't race'

Andreas Seidl is very happy with Formula 1's new race directors. Although the McLaren team boss was also satisfied with Michael Masi, he is now pleased with the clarity provided by Niels Wittich and Eduardo Freitas, even if it comes at the expense of ideals of some drivers.

After the 2021 Formula One season closed with controversy in Abu Dhabi, Michael Masi was pushed aside by the FIA. Under the leadership of Wittich and Freitas, there should be clarity and consistency from the FIA. A key task for the race directors was to bring rules into clearer focus and enforce them.

Bad luck for Hamilton

The fact that the FIA is now insisting on banning piercings and jewelry and, on the other hand, making it compulsory to wear fireproof underwear in the cockpit, is meeting with a lot of resistance. However, this does not apply to Seidl. He states according to Motorsport-total.com that these are rules that have existed for years and in other categories are not under discussion at all. Everyone abides by them.

Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel did speak out against the rules and the enforcement of them. For Seidl, the message for those two and potential supporters should be clear: ''If you don't want to take off your jewelry or put on your fireproof underwear, then you're not allowed to race. It can be as simple as that,'' the German concludes.

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