Wolff explains: 'Therefore you have to unpick the bones'

12-05-2022 17:14 | Updated: 12-05-2022 21:39
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Wolff explains: 'Therefore you have to unpick the bones'

The future prospects for Mercedes this season are hardly to be determined. The German racing staple hopes to present some updates at the Barcelona Grand Prix, but it remains to be seen whether they will solve the team's problems. Team boss Toto Wolff, however, has full confidence in the people at Mercedes.

Where Wolff had hopes towards the Miami GP that Lewis Hamilton and George Russell could do something, any confidence turned out to be further from the truth. Both men may have finished just behind Ferrari and Red Bull Racing in the rankings, but their lap times lagged far behind the competition.

Mercedes is still saying that it expects to compete for victories during the course of the season. In Spain, the Germans hope to make a big step forward, after which the line must be continued in the races that follow.

Wolff expresses confidence in team

Wolff is not in his best period as team boss, but according to him the team knows what it is doing. “I’m also annoyed by saying the same things a lot, gathering data and making experiments but physics are not mystics and therefore you have to unpick the bones," Wolff said in conversation with Formula1.com.

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