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Possible changes in 2023 to layout of circuit in Miami

Possible changes in 2023 to layout of circuit in Miami

10-05-2022 07:25 Last update: 09:42

The first Grand Prix of Miami can rightly be called a success, but there are also plenty of improvements to be made for next year's edition. Many drivers, including Max Verstappen, complained about the "Mickey Mouse section" in sector two. The organisation of the GP takes the complaints seriously.

Especially the chicane received a lot of criticism. It is a tight spot which makes overtaking completely impossible and according to Verstappen it slows you down so much that you never get into a good rhythm. There was also criticism from Sergio Perez and Fernando Alonso about the asphalt. The teammate of Verstappen even called the road surface a 'joke'.

Miami listens to criticism

Tom Garfinkel says in conversation with The Independent Garfinkel said that he will look for possible improvements. "We are evaluating some of the drivers’ comments to make sure we can improve, and we are open to changing whatever we need to do to make the track better," said Garfinkel, who states that the chichane was a "necessary evil" to slow down the drivers because there was not enough run-out space.

The Miami GP boss continued: "But from talking to F1 and the FIA, there is an opportunity to change that and make it better. We are also evaluating the surface, and we want to make that right, and make changes if needed. If the drivers cannot go off the racing line, there is not going to be overtaking and that is not good because I want to have as much overtaking as possible.”

In any case, for 2023, all options will be looked at to make it an even more spectacular event. The organisation's goal is to make the weekend profitable. This season they will make a loss, despite receiving a total of 240,000 visitors over the three days.

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