Sainz crashes again: 'Things outside my control surprise me'

Sainz crashes again: 'Things outside my control surprise me'

7 May - 08:31 Last update: 10:30

Where Carlos Sainz managed to impress so much in the 2021 Ferrari, the start of the current season is not going as desired for the Spaniard. Sainz already gave his team a lot of work on several occasions by planting his F1-75 in the wall. The 27-year-old driver knows he has to do better.

"I am the first one that is not happy with the last two crashes… and I am the first one that is analysing it and trying to take conclusions from it," Sainz tells at the official Formula One website. Although he is not always one hundred percent to blame for a crash like in Imola, for example, the feeling is at least not what you want.

Sainz still has to get used to the 2022 car. "I think I’m still learning a lot of this car. This car is still surprising me, I’m not going to lie, it’s still things that are, let’s say, a bit out of my control that are surprising me, and as soon as I get on top of them and learn them, I think as you saw today, I can be quick in any given lap," he states.

New crash Sainz

Sainz's reaction is a result of his crash in the second free practice session in the twisty and tight section of the Miami International Autodrome. On braking for the chicane, things went wrong for Carlos. It marked his third crash in the last three GP weekends.

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