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F1 confirms season five and six for Drive to Survive

F1 confirms season five and six for Drive to Survive

5 May - 18:15 Last update: 19:14


Formula One has just confirmed that Netflix will be making another season of Drive to Survive this year. The sixth season to be recorded in 2023 has also been directly confirmed.

Two new seasons of Drive to Survive

After four seasons of success, Netflix has decided with F1's approval to make more seasons of the Formula One series. Not only this year is being mapped out by the documentary makers, but there is already confirmation for season six in 2023. Formula1.com reports that the series has gained tremendous popularity over the years, with the past fourth season attracting the largest audience. The series was in the top ten of the week in 56 countries on Netflix.

Although drivers like Max Verstappen are more criticizing the Netflix production than enjoying it, there is no denying its popularity. The increasingly popular series directly contributes to the growing popularity of the sport itself. Verstappen's problem is that it looks for drama and rivalries that are not there. Daniel Ricciardo recently nuanced that image and said they only 'sprinkle a little on top.'

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