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Hamilton: This car currently is not far off that experience

Hamilton: "This car currently is not far off that experience"

05-05-2022 13:46 Last update: 15:34


Lewis Hamilton is having one of his worst seasons in Formula 1. However, the seven-time world champion's experience does not deter him from the current situation in the least, he tells The Race. In the past, his performance was sometimes even worse than in 2022.

Every year since the hybrid era, which began in 2014, Hamilton has consistently fought for the world title. This season, the gap to number two Max Verstappen has increased to 31 points, not to mention the difference with leader Charles Leclerc.

Hamilton remains relaxed under current circumstances

It seems that he can write a new world title on his belly this season. Behind the scenes, however, Hamilton is reportedly quietly working on improvements to the car in order to further narrow the gap. In the interview, he looks back to the time before his glory days.

"There are people that watch and say I’ve never had a bad car, and I can assure you that I have," Hamilton states, referring to 2009. "2009’s car was very, very far off, the worst car that I’ve had. This car currently is not far off that experience."

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