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'Formula 1 wants to shake up qualifying rules next season'

'Formula 1 wants to shake up qualifying rules next season'

30 April - 10:32 Last update: 12:50


Formula 1, according to The Race plans to test a different qualifying format in up to two Grands Prix next season. The motorsport class hopes this will make the race weekend even more exciting.

It is intended that the Formula 1 teams will use hard compound during qualifying in Q1. Then they are required to put the medium tire under the car in Q2, while in Q3 the softest compound must be under the car. In doing so, however, it wants to make an exception for wet conditions. To accommodate the teams, they may then use any compound.

In addition to these rules, the teams should also be given fewer tires to use. While currently there is a mandatory tire allocation of thirteen sets, it is intended that in the future they will only have eleven sets at their disposal.

Possibly fewer soft tires in the future

Each driver will reportedly receive an additional set of hard tires as well as medium tires, but this would be at the expense of the softest compound. Of these, the racing teams will probably get three sets less, leaving four sets.

Hard compound - up to three sets
Medium compound - up to four sets
Soft compound - up to four sets

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