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Perez feels spotlight: 'After a bad race the whole media speak about it'

Perez feels spotlight: 'After a bad race the whole media speak about it'

29-04-2022 19:12 Last update: 19:44


The experienced Sergio Perez has already driven for several Formula 1 teams. As such, the Mexican notices the differences well between the teams in the midfield and a top team like Red Bull Racing. Perez is very aware of the spotlight that is on him.

Perez has been driving in Formula 1 since 2011, making him an experienced driver. The Mexican drove at several teams, but never before he ended up at a top team like Red Bull.

In conversation with The Athletic Perez explains the differences between lower-funded teams and Red Bull. Not only does the car feel different, but the amount of work also differs. "Whatever you ask for really happens. So you have a lot more responsibility and you are in the spotlight a lot more because you have a team and car that is fighting for wins all the time."

Perez is aware of spotlight

Perez is currently third in the drivers' championship, just behind teammate Max Verstappen. The Mexican has been performing strongly so far, providing the team's first one-two last weekend in Imola since 2016. According to Perez, working with a top team is on a much higher level.

"It’s fairly normal to have bad races with a middle team. But if you have a bad race here, the whole media will speak about it. So you are a lot more in the spotlight, but you also have a lot better opportunities", says the 32-year-old driver.