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Former F1 driver defends Hamilton: 'Greatest champion of all time'

Former F1 driver defends Hamilton: 'Greatest champion of all time'

21-04-2022 12:26 Last update: 14:08


According to former Formula One driver and steward Derek Warwick, Lewis Hamilton is "the greatest champion of all time." The Briton compares the seven-time world champion to such F1 legends as Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost.

In conversation with Express Warwick explains the following: "He is a great champion. I don’t think you're going to get many arguments that would say he’s not the greatest champion of all time. And I’m putting him up against Senna and Prost, Fangio and Stirling Moss and Jackie Stewart, all those guys.”

Dominant cars

Hamilton is often criticized for owing his world titles to Mercedes' fast car. After all, the team took eight constructor titles in a row. Warwick defends the titles of the Briton because greats like Michael Schumacher were also behind the wheel of a dominant car.

"He’s won his races very clean and very dominant. Yes the Mercedes has been dominant, but you need a dominant car. I don’t know many world champions that was actually the world champion in a bad car so I think the same goes for everybody.”

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