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Leclerc robbed of expensive watch by 'fans' in Italy

Leclerc robbed of expensive watch by 'fans' in Italy

19-04-2022 16:32 Last update: 17:20

Charles Leclerc was robbed of his very expensive Richard Mille watch in Viareggio. It happened while he was being accosted in the presence of friends and personal trainer Andrea Ferrari by "fans" who wanted a selfie with the Monegasque.

Around 10 p.m. Monday night, the group found themselves in the unlit street Via Salvatori, where the Ferrari driver was recognized by fans asking for photos and autographs. This attracted more and more fans, but also a bunch of criminals who saw their chance.

Leclerc robbed of very expensive watch by 'fans'

While Leclerc was taking time out for his fans, someone grabbed his watch from his wrist and made off before the driver realized it. Leclerc reported the theft. The watch is said to have a value of several hundred thousand euros, reports

The news became known through an Instagram post by Leclerc's trainer Ferrari, who is from Viareggio. He is complaining about the unlit street, which has been reported by locals for months. "Last night we were robbed in Via Salvatori. Are you going to fix the lighting now? I'm asking for a friend," reads Ferrari's message to the municipality.

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