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Hamilton enthusiastic about Russell: 'Good to be with someone younger'

Hamilton enthusiastic about Russell: 'Good to be with someone younger'

8 April - 15:31 Last update: 16:38


Lewis Hamilton not only faces the challenge of a completely new car this season, but he also has to contend with a new teammate. However, the Briton has nothing but praise for George Russell.

Valtteri Bottas joined Mercedes in 2017, but after the 2021 season the team decided to replace him. The Finn had a good relationship with teammate Hamilton for years, but he was clearly the second driver within the team. Bottas often did not come close to the times of the seven-time world champion.

With the arrival of Russell, the dynamics within the team have changed considerably. In Saudi Arabia, the 24-year-old driver showed what he had to offer with a P5 in the race, while Hamilton, after a dramatic sixteenth place in qualifying, didn't get further than P10.

Hamilton happy with Russell's arrival

During the press conference, Hamilton is asked how he is experiencing the new dynamic with Russell this year. The Briton is only positive about the new collaboration within the team. "It’s great. It's good to be with someone younger, you know, I was just saying earlier on how old Valtteri is." The Brit turns around towards Bottas after this. "You've got an old soul."

Hamilton continues: "I think George has been great. I think he's been great for the team. It was obviously an amazing journey that Valtteri and I had working together and George was already a part of the team before that. So it's been going really well. We were surfing together the other day and, you know, he's blended really well into the team."

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