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Delayed cargo almost caused serious problems for F1 in Melbourne

Delayed cargo almost caused serious problems for F1 in Melbourne

6 April - 12:55 Last update: 13:49


Last weekend there were major problems at the MotoGP in Argentina. Due to transport problems, a significant portion of the cargo was delayed so much that the entire weekend had to be upended. In Formula 1, Haas already suffered from delivery problems in Bahrain and now it appears that delayed transport has almost caused serious problems for the F1 weekend.

The organizers of the Australian Grand Prix announce this on their website. DHL has been working with F1 for years to get all the gear to each Grand Prix on time and that is the case for the Melbourne Grand Prix as well. A large number of the gear was on the way in a 42-day trip by sea.

Flying in cargo headlong

However, the ship carrying the cargo was delayed in Singapore, where it was docked. Initially the delay lasted only a week, but the following days the ship still did not leave. Eventually, DHL's vice president of Motorsport Logistics, Paul Fowler, took the reins himself to ensure that the cargo was picked up from the ship in Singapore and put on a plane bound for Melbourne.

A plane from Los Angeles and a plane from Vietnam had to be used, but in the end everything arrived on time at the street circuit in Melbourne. It all took a lot of time and money, though, Fowler explains. "There is almost a bidding war now. Rates from Europe to Asia to Europe that were pitching at about $900 a container is now about $20,000."

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