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'Rapid evolution of Red Bull is now the real challenge for Ferrari'

'Rapid evolution of Red Bull is now the real challenge for Ferrari'

31 March - 16:09 Last update: 17:55


It will come as no surprise to anyone that Ferrari's revival this season has been received with rapturous enthusiasm, especially in Italy. The Italian press is short of superlatives and F1 journalist Leo Turrini is even talking about reliving the Schumacher years at Ferrari.

Ferrari competitive at different circuits

The last time Ferrari won the constructors' title was in 2008, but the team's real heyday was between 1999 and 2004 when the Italians won the constructors' title six times in a row and the drivers' title five times in a row (2000-2004) with Michael Schumacher. Ferrari's current form is especially a relief after the very disappointing 2020 season in which Ferrari finished sixth.

F1 journalist, Turrini, can hardly hide his enthusiasm in F1sport.it's Pit Talk podcast. "We saw a Ferrari that was competitive at the head of the field on two very different circuits," he said. According to Turrini, the Ferrari is not only fast over one lap in qualifying, but also in the race. "Also, the management is absolutely up to the task."

Reviving the Schumacher years

For the 62-year-old Turrini, it even feels like he has gone back in time twenty years. "It feels like we're back in the Schumi years." The Italian journalist saw right away that the car was good. "This is the merit of the people working in Maranello." Ferrari leads the championship after two Grands Prix ahead of Mercedes and Red Bull Racing.

Despite his enthusiasm about Ferrari's performance, Turrini also remains somewhat realistic. The season is still long and, according to him, we should not underestimate Red Bull - and Adrian Newey in particular - when it comes to the development of the car. "Red Bull will undoubtedly be able to evolve the car," he said. "That's the real challenge for Ferrari now."

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