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Formula 1 comes out with big announcement tonight

Formula 1 comes out with big announcement tonight

30 March - 16:56 Last update: 18:00


Formula One has gained considerable popularity in the United States in recent years, thanks in part to the popular Netflix series Drive To Survive. As a result, Formula 1 sees the U.S. as an important growth market for the sport will in all likelihood announce a third American Grand Prix tonight.

Third Grand Prix in Las Vegas

Formula One first raced a Grand Prix in America in 1959, then at the Sebring circuit in Florida. In the following years there were always periods with and without an American Grand Prix on different circuits. Since 2012, the American Grand Prix has taken place in Austin (with the exception of 2020) and this season the Miami Grand Prix will be added.

However, it does not stop at two races in the United States. For some time there has been talk of a third race through the streets of Las Vegas. Formula 1 will make an announcement tonight at 4:30 p.m. and it is assumed that the Las Vegas Grand Prix will be announced then.

Race in Las Vegas on Saturday

On Tuesday it was announced that the Las Vegas Grand Prix will probably not be held on Sunday, but on Saturday, November 25, 2023. That is the day after Black Friday. It is expected that the time of announcement tonight refers to the start time of the race. In America, the race will then be shown on Saturday night, a time when many Americans are in front of the television.

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