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Horner: Ferrari has very convincing test sessions so far

Horner: "Ferrari has very convincing test sessions so far"

11-03-2022 16:46 Last update: 16:51


As reigning world champion, Red Bull Racing hopes to compete for prizes again next season, but during the test days in Barcelona and Bahrain, it saw that besides Mercedes it must also take Ferrari seriously into account. Nevertheless, Christian Horner is not worried yet.

The Italian racing team impressed again during the second day of testing in Bahrain with Carlos Sainz and Charles Leclerc setting the first and sixth times of the day respectively. With the Spaniard's time, he kept Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton behind him.

Although Ferrari is having a good preseason, Horner knows that this does not yet say anything about the performance during the Grands Prix. With all the experience that the Red Bull team boss gained in recent years, he knows better than anyone that the cars are constantly evolving. With the new regulations, this trend is only taking place more this season.

Horner not worried about Ferrari yet

However, the Briton does believe that the Italians can be very satisfied with the work they have done. "Ferrari has very convincing test sessions so far, but all the cars are still undergoing a huge growth spurt this year. The further development will be at a tremendous pace," he concluded in conversation with the NOS.