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FIA's solution does not fix porpoising problems at Mercedes

FIA's solution does not fix porpoising problems at Mercedes

11 March - 08:40 Last update: 12:02


Some teams seem to have found a solution to porpoising. For this, the FIA has agreed to a new part on the car, but Mercedes is not yet convinced.

In Barcelona, the 2022 Formula 1 cars hit the track for the first time, and the first thing that stood out was the bouncing of the cars. But few people had taken into account the porpoising effect the cars now face, where the car bounces on the asphalt.

No result for Mercedes

To avoid this problem, the FIA has allowed teams to place a tube between the chassis and the floor at the rear of the car. In this way, the floor is strengthened and the cars bounce less. We already saw this solution at Ferrari, Alfa Romeo and Haas and the latter teams indicate at Auto, Motor und Sport that this has completely solved the problems for them.

For Mercedes, this is not the case. At the German team, there are doubts about the FIA's solution. An engineer from the team spoke to AMuS: '' Sometimes it helps, but sometimes it doesn't.'' This is also evident with the W13 still bouncing hard over the track.

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