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Hamilton will want nothing more than to destroy Verstappen this season

"Hamilton will want nothing more than to destroy Verstappen this season"

8 March - 14:58 Last update: 18:56


In 2021, we got to see one of the most epic championship battles in Formula 1 history, with Max Verstappen ultimately winning and dethroning Lewis Hamilton as world champion. The rivalry will be no less next season, according to Sky Sports F1 analysts.

Hamilton wants to destroy Verstappen

In a few weeks the new season of Formula 1 will start in Bahrain, but according to the analysts of Sky Sports, the denouement of the previous season is not yet forgotten. Especially not by Hamilton. According to Anthony Davidson, we are going to see Hamilton at his very best this season and the seven-time world champion will be very hard to beat. "Lewis will want nothing more than to destroy Max Verstappen this season," Davison said.

According to Davidson, Hamilton still feels robbed by the events in Abu Dhabi where he saw his world title slip from his hands on the final lap. "He wants to come out with a dominant car and he doesn't even want to see Max on the track, I'm sure."

Verstappen and Russell chasing Hamilton

According to Paul di Resta, however, Verstappen is not the only driver Hamilton will have to reckon with next season. He thinks George Russell could still provide a surprise. Yet he too thinks Hamilton will end up being the best. "I think people underestimate Lewis. How ruthless he is in the race. He's an absolute beast when it comes to what he can get out of the car."

According to the analysts, it mostly depends on what Hamilton's mindset will be next season. The Mercedes driver seems to be in good spirits and will want to make a point of winning his eighth world title.

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